Finding Inspiration…

Defining your personal style doesn’t happen over night, its a winding path that sometimes take you to places you’d rather forget (i.e. t-shirts with “abercrombie” plastered on the front, or the time when you let your bangs grow out – these were terrible decisions on my part). One of the hardest things about finding your style is knowing how to start.

So let’s begin by finding some inspiration. Style inspiration can come from anywhere really: from celebrities you adore to your friends, from your favorite places to visit to your hobbies, from your favorite song to your favorite painting. Finding your style is all about figuring out what inspires you, what empowers you, what you find beautiful and will in turn help you to feel outwardly more beautiful. So let me share with you the sources of my inspiration.

My celebrity inspiration is a mix of classic and quirky. I adore the feminine quirk of Zooey Deschanel and classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn.

Music is a big part of my life, and inspires me in a lot of ways. I think one artist that combines my love of folk, romance, nature, and strength is Iron & Wine. I find his song “Walking Far From Home” particularly powerful (hear it below :)). I take cues from his southern influences and easy sound by incorporating comfortable fabrics, sweet dresses, and floral prints into my wardrobe.

I love crafting and being creative, and that really comes out in my personal style and wardrobe which tends to be a mix of eclectic and fun pieces.

So my challenge to you real ladies out there is to do some soul searching over the next week or so. In a journal, on Pinterest, or in Evernote, jot down or collect images and links to things that inspire you and embody who you are or who you aspire to be. It’s these cues that you can use to start building a unique style all your own. And please share them with us at Y&L! We want to know what inspires you. Enhanced by Zemanta

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