What is your style?

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There are so many different style categories and types out there… too many to list on this blog. But we have put together some boards for seven style types we think are pretty spot on. A lot of people mix multiple styles and go through waves depending on where they are in life. I’d say right now I’m one part retro/vintage, one part romantic, and one part bohemian. This works for me especially because I don’t spend most of my time in an office. So how and where you spend your time will affect which styles work for you right now – not that you can’t go for a totally different vibe on the weekends!

Thinking about what your style type doesn’t have to mean labeling or limiting your creativity when it comes to projecting your inner awesomeness to the outside world. It’s just a way to focus and simplify your wardrobe, so that shopping and getting dressed feels like less of a burden and more like an artistic expression. So which boards embody your style so far, or which boards do you want your style to be more like?

We will go into more detail about each style type (essential pieces, personalizing it, and traps to avoid) and where we love to shop for each of these boards in the coming weeks. Also look out for an upcoming tutorial on how to create your own style guide using Evernote!

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