Classic Style Breakdown

What better place to begin breaking down our style boards than the “Classic” look. It is easily one of the most coveted look among women. Built on a wardrobe of quality basic pieces, the classic look appears effortless, chic, and because it’s built on the basics—it never goes out of style. While it’s better to opt for quality over quantity when it comes to buying clothes, you can attain the classic look on just about any budget!

Style Icons:

Audrey Hepburn – made the little black dress famous, amongst other things!

Jackie Onassis – known for her elegant style, trench coat, and large sunglasses!

Essential Pieces:

  • Little Black Dress – every girl should own one. period.
  • Trench Coat – a great trench coat is timeless and will never go out of style. I love mine from Banana Republic!
  • White Button Down Shirt – get a well-fitted shirt that can be used for work or for play.
  • Basic Cardigan – this is an essential layering piece and is an opportunity to add some color to your wardrobe.
  • Pencil Skirt – pick one in a subtle print or neutral color.
  • Dark-Wash Jeans – pick a high quality dark denim with some stretch (1-3% spandex) in a cut that flatters your figure (look for a post on choosing the right jeans!)
  • Dark Dress Pants (Black or Navy) – choose a flattering cut and style that accentuates your assets.
  • Neutral Heels or Flats – choose comfortable shoes in black or a nude color.
  • Scarf – your chance to personalize a little more by choosing a unique pattern or color.
  • Structured Handbag – a great handbag can tie an outfit together. Avoid gaudy or trendy details and opt for a simple but elegant bag that will work with any outfit.
  • Oversized Dark Sunglasses – These look fabulous on most people, and add some mystery (while of course protecting your darling eyes)!
  • Accessories – keep the accessories simple and to a minimum. Think pearl necklace, delicate bracelet, or a simple ring.

Favorite Stores To Shop The Classic Look:

  • J. Crew – They carry great things, but can be on the pricier side.
  • Banana Republic – I got a great trench coat from here for half price. It’s one of my favorite pieces 🙂
  • Anthropologie – They have a lot of eclectic stuff, but their basics are very high quality, and I have caught things on sale before!
  • The Gap – An affordable alternative to J. Crew or Banana Republic.
  • Department Stores – Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s
  • Target – Sometimes they carry really cute things at great prices, you just have to keep your eye out!

Where have you found some great classic pieces? What is your favorite “classic” piece?

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