Bohemian Style Breakdown

Last week we broke down the classic look, this week we are diving into Bohemian fashion (in honor of Evalina from Smiles & Happiness)! Do you love traveling and experiencing other cultures? Does the feel of grass between your toes bring a smile to your face? Do you find you prefer the sounds of Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles over Katy Perry? Well, it’s likely you have bohemian style coursing through your veins!

Style Icons:

Sienna Miller – enviable bohemian style and effortless natural makeup!

Nicole Richie – a long-time bohemian fashion icon.

Zoe Kravitz – it’s no surprise with parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, that Zoe has both talent and great bohemian style!

Essential Pieces:

  • Layering Pieces – layering is essential for the bohemian look. Choose flowy tops, wraps, and vests made of soft cotton, lace, or sheer material to layer over dresses, tanks, and skirts. It’s best to choose bold base colors (tanks or dresses) and layer softer more neutral pieces on top.
  • Maxi dress or skirt – a flowing dress or skirt (or a piece that accomplishes both like Free People’s convertible maxi skirt.
  • Tribal or ethnic prints – prints are essential to the bohemian look, and are often found in staple pieces such as skirts, pants, or blazers. Careful mixing of prints and bold colors helps achieve that mysterious bohemian look without looking like a strange hippie or like you got dressed in the dark!
  • Boho Bag – choose a fun and eclectic catch-all bag with beads, stitching, tassels, or other ethnic details to tote around your stuff. A big bag means you have everything you need for wherever your free-spirited lifestyle takes you.
  •  Sandals – A pair of brown leather sandals, or embellished sandals are essential for any bohemian look. Be creative and let your toes feel the breeze!
  • Chunky, ethnic or tribal jewelry – every bohemian look needs a few key bangles, bracelets, or long necklaces that look like they are from far away lands!

Favorite Stores To Shop The Bohemian Look:

  • Open markets & fair trade stores – if you are traveling or if you happen to live in a culturally diverse area check out fair trade stores or markets where people sell clothing from all over the world. Mix and match eclectic pieces that you love in your essential colors!
  • Thrift stores – it can take a little digging, but thrift stores are a great place to find bohemian pieces and unique clothes that you can’t find in a department store. Did I mention it can save some serious coin?
  • Etsy – this online venue has so many great artists and crafters creating beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces to round out any bohemian wardrobe!
  • Free People – if you prefer assembling your bohemian look from a more traditional store, Free People has some great pieces. It is a little pricey though. Check Ebay for people selling New With Tags (NWT) free people clothes at a fraction of the cost!
  • Anthropologie – they carry an eclectic mix of classic, retro, and bohemian. Again, it is a little pricey, so I prefer buying a few great pieces from here that I know will last a long time.
  • Urban Outfitters – More affordable than Free People or Anthropologie, this store carries some pieces to express your inner bohemian.
  • Forever21 – An affordable alternative to achieving the bohemian look. Be careful what you purchase from here though, the quality isn’t the best. I prefer buying accessories and tops or layering pieces from Forever21, where durability isn’t as big of an issue.

Where do all you bohemian fashionistas like to find your wardrobe essentials?

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