Tutorial: Make Your Own Personal Style Guide Using Evernote!

I love planning, organizing, and cataloging — and I think most people do (hence the popularity of tools like Pinterest!). This week I’ve got that tutorial that I promised early on in the life of this blog detailing how to create a style guide with Evernote. I created a style guide for my mother to help guide her on her path to finding kick-ass personal style.

It’s been a long time since my mom updated her look, let alone considered giving herself the much deserved attention required to do so. She’s a hardworking single mother of two college-aged daughters. She moved to a new city just a few years ago and hasn’t had time or energy to really explore and meet new people. She’s about to go back to school for a graduate degree, and with all this change whipping up her world — now seemed as good a time as any to change her look and find her style. But she needed help!

Like many busy women (and men for that matter) the stress of figuring out where to begin and what fits and what she likes was overwhelming her. She had the habit of buying clothes simply because they were on sale. Her closet was stuffed, but when I investigated it I could find little to make an outfit from. So this style guide is a starting point for her — a living document of her quest. It begins with doing a color analysis based on her skin tone, hair, and eyes so that she can figure out which colors work best for her (and only buy clothes in that color family).

Then I asked her who her style icons were, and what she liked about each of them. She came up with Audrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton. She loved the classic, simple, and sophisticated looks that both women embraced. With these ideas in mind, and knowing her body type I set off to gather pictures and set rules and guidelines for each major piece of a basic wardrobe: undergarments, tees/camis, tops/blouses, jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, jackets/blazers, shoes, and accessories. To organize the style guide, I created individual notes for each major category, tagged each note with relevant tags, and grouped them under one notebook: Kathy’s Style Guide that you can see here.

The great thing about using Evernote to create a style guide is that the program is compatible on computer or mobile device, and is easily synced between devices. So she can be shopping and access this notebook from her iPhone to make sure she is following the basic rules and sticking to her wardrobe plan! She can also take pictures of her existing pieces and outfits that she loves and catalog them in her notebook — making sure she  avoids buying the same things over and over, and to make dressing for presentations, meetings, or dates stress-free!

To create your own style guide using Evernote simply:

  1. Download the free Evernote App for your computer or mobile device here.
  2. Create a notebook titled “Your Name’s Style Guide” or whatever you like really.
  3. Add a new note, and record the results of your wardrobe color quiz if you don’t know which colors work for you.
  4. Add a new note for each style icon that inspires you, and include pictures or key pieces that define that person’s style. It also would be useful to add any style boards, articles, or photos you have saved that define your style (or what you want your style to be) like the style boards we’ve been posting here on Y&L!
  5. Create a new note for each wardrobe category. I recommend having notes for at least the following: undergarments, tees/camis, blouses/tops, jackets/blazers, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories.
  6. For each wardrobe category find pictures or examples of pieces that are within your color scheme, appropriate for your body type, and fit into your personal style preferences. Consider adding rules to remember about what to avoid or look for when buying certain pieces. You can look at the examples I created for my mom in her style guide for ideas. But be creative and have fun with it!
  7. Consider adding a notebook for each major occasion that you dress for and take pictures of outfits you love to keep track of what works in your wardrobe.
  8. Keep a catalog of each piece in your wardrobe to prevent buying duplicates or similar items, or so you can easily see if that new top you are thinking of buying will work with the skirt in your closet.
  9. Publish your notebook, or at least sync it to a mobile device you will be carrying around with you!
  10. Update and play with it frequently!

What do you think of this tutorial? Let us know if you use Evernote to create a style guide — better yet share your notebook with us! How do you organize your style and fashion ideas?

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