Beauty Must-Have: Dr. Bronner’s

Looking for the product that does it all? The one product you can’t live without (besides eyeliner). For me, it is Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. This stuff does it all. In one little bottle you can replace your soap or body wash, your shave gel, your shampoo, and your face wash… at the very least you can combine your body wash and your shave gel (this stuff works great for shaving!). It also works wonders for house cleaning and stain removal.

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap comes in a plethora of scents that are sure to please your nosebuds. But if you can’t find one that you like you could always customize the unscented version with your own essential oils! I’m partial to almond and lavender scents for the ladies, and maybe the eucalyptus or citrus for all you guys out there.

Hate liquid soaps, and like a good old fashion bar soap that also serves all the aforementioned functions? Well you are in luck… the same castile soap by Dr. Bronner is available in bar form 🙂

Other positives of this soap and this company:

  • It’s made of certified fair trade and organic ingredients,
  • It does not contain synthetic foaming agents, thickeners or preservatives,
  • It is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) cylinder bottles and paper labels, and…
  • You can buy it almost anywhere now (Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, the grocery store, the list goes on!). Oh and if you are looking to save money, you can buy it in bulk!

Dr. Bronner’s is a must have for me while traveling and backpacking as well! Keeps me fresh and eliminates loads of bottles from my toiletry bag—and I can wash my clothes with it! So if you are trekking around Europe this summer (lucky you) or even just the states, I’d recommend giving it a try. Have you every used Dr. Bronner’s castile soap? What did you think?


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