Must-Have Makeup Bags

Oh the carryall bag… it’s the little bag you keep in your purse, backpack, or car that safely stores your beauty goods, mints, feminine products, phone, etc. I’m due for an upgrade, and after perusing the web and several stores I have assembled a list of adorable bags. I just can’t decide which one to get. Which one is your favorite?

Medium Fold Over Hippo BagEtsy $15

Hippos! This fabric is too cute!

Medium Chevron Fold Over Makeup BagEtsy $18

Chevron, and orange chevron at that is pretty rad.

Waterproof Pouch Cosmetic Bag in Owl PrintEtsy $12

Who doesn’t ❤ owls?

Geo Zip Makeup BagEtsy $16

Great graphic print from a San Francisco based designer <3.

Waterproof Pink Elephant Makeup Bag -Etsy $17

Love the adorable elephant print, the fact that it is waterproof, AND the designer is based in San Francisco!

Small Woodland Animals Makeup Bag – Etsy ~ $19

The print and the little charm on the zipper are absolutely adorable!

So which one would you go with?

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