Wardrobe Essential: The Convertible Infinity Dress!

Y&L is here to help guide you in your quest for personal style that doesn’t compromise your sanity or wardrobe simplicity. We are also about great style for all types of women that doesn’t break the bank. So this week we want to talk about the infinity dress… a piece that can add serious mileage to your wardrobe! One easy way to keep your clothing budget under control without getting bored is to add pieces with versatility. A few weeks ago we featured the Versalette, a fashion creation that has managed to be both dress, top, skirt, jacket, and scarf (and we should hopefully be getting one in grey very soon)! This week we are going to focus on finding the perfect infinity dress for your wardrobe. Some fabulous choices you have are fabric type, color, and length of the infinity dress. You could go the LBD route (little black dress), or opt for a more adventurous neutral (navy, plum, dark grey, taupe), or even go bold (bright red, fuchsia, or neon—and you know our thoughts on neon). The infinity dress below is from Modcloth, and will only set you back $39.99. We have shown it in black, but they also carry it in a bright pink. Some important details include to take note of are it’s asymmetrical cut, and semi-sheer jersey material—personally we think something in a heavier material might get more mileage.

Venturing away from larger retailers into the independent world of Etsy gives you even more options for your infinity dress (and you can feel good about supporting independent women in their craft). We love this mid-length convertible dress from Jennifer Fox’s shop The Convertible One! The mid-length version we have shown is only $62 and comes in a plethora of colors (we are leaning towards eggplant, rhubarb, and mauve). If you prefer floor or maxi-length, it’s only another $10 (making the maxi-length a total $72). The hem is not finished or asymmetrical, but one of the benefits of shopping through Etsy is you can usually request to add or remove certain details from shop owners. Oh and did we mention you can get this fabulous dress in a two-tone fabric??? Awesome.

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