Fashion That Matters: Toms Sunglasses

A little while ago we wrote about the Versalette, an awesome project started by two talented women determined to make truly sustainable fashion a reality. Today we feel like talking about another great cause in the fashion industry—Toms. Normally known for their cute and comfy slip on shoes, Toms has also added eyewear to their mix (and  even more recently—polarized eyewear!) If you are unfamiliar with the idea behind Toms’ cause, it’s pretty simple: one for one. Buy one pair of shoes, Toms will donate a pair of shoes to children that don’t have shoes. With their newer eyewear line, the same one for one principle applies. Buy one pair of Toms sunglasses and you will help bring sight to one person via prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment. Pretty awesome right?!!

At Y&L we are currently ogling a pair of the polarized Sandela sunglasses (pictured above) that should be available soon for $149 a pair. Toms sunglasses start at $119 a pair and go as high as $169 for the polarized Navigator’s (they look like aviators). And while these sunglasses aren’t cheap, they are certainly a worthwhile investment for quality shades that you can feel good wearing. What pair of Toms sunglasses would you rock this summer?

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