Retro/Vintage Style Breakdown

You’re heart flutters when you pass by a thrift store, and rather than wear the season’s latest trend, you prefer to don a piece with some history to it (like a sweet swing skirt)! A person with retro or vintage flair usually has an eclectic wardrobe with pieces from a variety of eras. It takes dedication and some thrifty shopping, but building a solid and functional wardrobe with retro flair can be really fun (and easier on the wallet than keeping up with seasonal trends)! Hair and makeup can really play up a retro look—like soft curls, and cat eye makeup.

Style Icons: 

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Her gorgeous curly bob and bold lips make her a style icon for any vintage fashion lover.

Anne Hathaway – When she’s not busy kicking ass and taking names as Cat Woman, Anne Hathaway is looking retro chic on the red carpet. Love her hair and gown, and rocking green earrings!

Scarlett Johannson – Scarlett not only has the body for retro fashion, but admits to loving the hunt of vintage clothing!

Essential Pieces:

This can really vary depending on your favorite era. But some staples we think work well are…

  • Vintage Dress – A knee-length dress with a full circle skirt or pencil cut would be a great staple piece.
  • High-Waist Shorts – High waisted pieces were normal back in the golden days of fashion (and are now making a triumphant return). Choose a pair of high-waisted shorts in either a classic denim for a casual look, or a tailored trouser cut for a dressier occasion.
  • Peter Pan Collar Blouse – This adorable little collar is a great retro detail for a staple piece in any wardrobe.
  • Mary Jane Pumps – A sweet pair of vintage heels are essential for any girl with retro flair.
  • Vintage Handbag – You can really have fun with this accessory and choose a bag from your favorite era, and usually you can find a well made bag for a great price on Etsy or eBay!
  • Printed Scarf – An adorable silk scarf in a fun print is a great way to add interest and vintage style to any outfit. We love this elephant scarf from ModCloth!

Favorite Places To Shop The Retro/Vintage Look:

  • Thrift Stores  This is kind of a no-brainer. There is no better place to find your vintage look than a thrift store. Sometimes goodwill will even carry higher quality vintage pieces. It’s definitely a hunt, but that is part of the fun.
  • eBay – eBay makes finding exactly what you are looking for a little easier… and you obviously have the advantage of doing your shopping in your pajamas. Just be sure to read the details about the condition of the piece and to check measurements before ordering.
  • Etsy – This online marketplace is another goldmine for vintage fashion. The community has strong rules about what qualifies as vintage, and usually you can find pieces that will fit into any budget.
  • Anthropologie – If you love the vintage look, but the thought of wearing someone else’s clothing weirds you out there are options for new clothes with a retro flair.
  • ModCloth  – Another online retailer that we <3. They carry both vintage pieces and new clothing with a retro flair at an affordable price.
  • Bettie Page Clothing – If you are in the Bay Area you are lucky enough to be able to shop in one of their only 8 physical locations! This store has adorable dresses, and we are kind of in love with their Berry Sweet Frock.

What is your must have vintage or retro inspired piece?


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