Real People In Fashion Ads?

The other morning I came across an interesting article while getting my dose of daily news: ‘When Fashion and Reality Collide.’ The CNN article by Emanuella Grinberg talks about how high-fashion brands like Lanvin are using real people in the ads to generate more buzz for their lines and demonstrate that beauty comes in many varieties. One quote from the article that stood out for me was from Ari Cohen (who writes the Advanced Style Blog we have mentioned before):

“I think the message is to embrace individuality and personal style, and alternative notions of beauty,” Cohen said. “It’s hugely important to show more diversity in advertising. By focusing on super young models and too much Photoshopping, advertisers set up unreal expectations for consumers.”

At Y&L we love the idea of using real people as models, and showing that beauty comes in a variety of ages, shapes, and sizes. That’s why we used our own friends like Becky Hellwig (the beauty shown to the right), to show off our signature looks!

You can check out more real people featured as models on our Facebook page by clicking here! And you can continue reading the CNN article about how other brands are using real people in their ad campaigns by clicking here.

What do you think about companies using real people as models? Have you ever been in a modeling gig (without prior experience)? What was it like for you?


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