Fashion That Matters: Don’t Forget About The Sock Drawer!

Now that Fall is upon us we can finally pull on our favorite skinny’s and tuck them into some adorable riding boots. But another absolutely essential Fall wardrobe item is something that others don’t generally get to see (but we smile because we know they are there): socks! At Y&L we love innovative companies that weave together great social and environmental causes with fashion. So in this edition of fashion that matters, I want to focus on PACT, a great company that is making some awesome socks and changing communities at the same time. After all there’s nothing like putting on a pair of warm socks patterned in a rockin’ design to start your day off right.

PACT describes themselves as “a movement disguised as a clothing company.” They started with socks and have expanded to create clothing lines inspired by people doing good in the world. One of their stipulations though when they choose projects to support is that projects create independence. PACT offers socks, tees, tanks, and underwear for both men and women, so pick up a pair for you and your sweetie and feel good for supporting a worthwhile movement.

The Portland Plaid line of PACT socks is using a portion of it’s sales to help 4 families in Portland transition from living on the streets to their own homes. They are super cute, and PACT has even created a coordinating underwear!

PACT Portland Plaid Knee Sock – $12

I’m also a big fan of the San Francisco Stripe Crew Socks that support the Sustainable Food Center which provides families in low-income communities with access to healthy local food!

PACT San Francisco Strip Crew Socks – $10

So if your sock drawer needs a refresh, give PACT a try. They combine the best quality, designs, and causes to create sustainable footwear! Oh, and right now they have a promotion where you get a $10 credit for just signing up for their email list—AWESOME!

What other wardrobe essentials would you like us to find a sustainable alternative for? Comment us and we will do some research and share with all of you!


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