Y&L Is Wishing You A Beautiful Christmas!


Good morning to all our readers, clients, and followers out there! We wanted to send you all the warmest holiday wishes and wish you a beautiful and memorable Christmas day. It has been a great year so far exploring the challenges of balancing style with a busy lifestyle, challenging but fun! We love that our salon is in the fantastic Saratoga community and are excited to continue to become a part of it!

We are also excited for all that the next year will bring and we plan to spend the next few days thinking of a few beauty-inspired resolutions. Speaking of which, one resolution we have is to rock more “natural” makeup looks. If achieving a natural but gorgeous look is something you’re interested in be sure to check back this Thursday when we post a tutorial for achieving beautiful “natural” looking makeup. We’ll share products and take you step-by-step so you can achieve a flawless natural look to take you into the new year.

But anyways, we just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and thank you for being beautiful!

5 Fitness Must-Haves For Working Out In Style

WorkoutGearPicksNew Year’s resolutions aren’t far off in the distance, and at the top of most people’s list are fitness goals. Lose weight, get in shape, run a marathon, join a team… the list goes on. No matter what your fitness goals are we’ve picked five things that will motivate and propel you to accomplish them (or at least get you in the gym so you can show off your cute apparel!). These neon picks would be great to add to your Christmas list, or we are sure any fitness fanatic would love to receive these must-haves as gifts.

  1. C9 By Champion Seamless Cami Bra – These bras are super comfortable and come in so many amazing colors and prints for just $16.99 @ Target. You are sure to find a pattern that gets you excited about dressing for the gym!
  2. Garmin Forerunner10 – this GPS watch keeps track of the time, distance, speed, and calories burned. A fashionable motivator indeed available for around $129.
  3. Lucy Hatha Legging – A great pair of yoga pants is a must have for any girl trying to get in shape (and be comfortable). These pants are durable and stylish, promising to keep your lady goods private and keep you looking amazing while you sweat. Pick up a pair for $89.99 at Lucy or REI.
  4. ASICS GEL-Extreme33 Running Shoes – How adorable and affordable? For $90 at Zappos your can treat your feet to kicks with some flair.
  5. Athleta Hurdle Top – This running shirt is equipped with handy features like moisture-wicking fabric and thumb holes in the sleeves so your hands stay warm while your pounding the pavement. It also has a great ruche-detail on the back. Available for $69 from Athleta.

Do you have any fitness goals for the new year? Do you think having great workout clothes helps keep you motivated to go to the gym?

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Y&L Holiday Gift Guide Part I: The Guy In Your Life

With Thanksgiving behind us, we barely have a moment to breathe until the next round of cool weather holidays. So over the next few weeks we will share some gift-giving ideas for all the people in your life. Let’s start today with the guy in your life. This could be your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, your grandpa, your uncle, or your best friend… you get the picture :). We focus a lot on helping the ladies look good at Y&L, but this gift idea will have the man in your life looking classy—why not give him an old school shaving set. There has been a resurgence lately in using straight blade, barbershop style razors—and even if you don’t opt for the razor you can get him a shaving mug, brush, and bar style soap that he could use with his favorite multi-blade gillette! Depending on whether you are including a razor, there are about 4 things you would consider including in an old school shaving kit for your guy. And for something as quirky as this we love Etsy!

1. The shaving bowl or mug. We like the ceramic option, lidded is a great option but not necessary. We also love when there is a place on the bowl to store the brush—it helps keep the bathroom tidy and prevents mold by allowing his shaving brush to dry out. We love this adorable shaving mug set from Miri Hardy Pottery on Etsy. This set includes soap, and a badger-hair brush as well. 

Blue Mustache Shave Set – $78 from Miri Hardy Pottery on Etsy

But this shaving mug is pretty awesome too!

Mustache Shaving Mug Set – $32 from Vintage Parlor Mens on Etsy

2. The shaving brush. Badger hair is supposed to be the ideal shaving brush, but we prefer something a little less cruel. We think it’s best to opt for a brush made of synthetic materials and leave all the furry creatures alone. However several really great shaving sets on Etsy include badger hair shaving brushes and would make great gifts. If you are looking to splurge on a shaving brush the Bocote Wood Shaving Brush from PC Woodcraft & Pens is a great option. Of course there are a lot of more affordable options you can find online too!

Bocote Wood Nylon Shaving Brush – $54 from PC Woodcraft & Pens on Etsy

3. The shaving soap. Bentonite clay is a great ingredient to look for in shaving soap. It helps prevent razor burn and also helps remove impurities from the skin. We love this manly patchouli soap with both activated charcoal and bentonite clay from the shop Bambu on Etsy!

Patchouli Mens Shave Soap With Activated Charcoal – $7.95 by Bambu on Etsy

4. The after-shave. Whether you go for an astringent or a lotion we’ve got a few great suggestions for gifting to the man in your life this christmas. Wild Man After Shave created by Wild Rose Herbs in Oregon is great if your guy is more rugged (or wishes he was).

Wild Man After Shave (4 oz) – $19.95 from Wild Rose Herbs on Etsy

But Sam’s Natural After Shave Cream is great if your guy is more of a lotion person after his morning shave.

Sam’s Natural After Shave Cream (4 oz) – $11.95 by Sam’s Natural on Etsy

5. The razor. There are a lot of options at a variety of price points for straight edge razors. The Merkur Model 180 straight edge safety razor is affordable, fairly easy to use, and durable.

Merkur Model 180 Straight Edge Razor – $32.90 on Amazon

The Chrome Heavyweight razor from the Art of shaving is a balance of beauty, quality, and price as well. It’s a little more expensive than the Merkur but will definitely be impressive for any shave enthusiasts.

The Heavyweight Safety Razor in Chrome – $60 from The Art of Shaving

What are you thinking of giving the special guy in your life? We’d love to hear your ideas, and to know who we should do a gift guide for next!

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