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Hello there lovelies! We hope you had a beautiful week and a fun weekend ahead. A while back we featured one of our favorite pieces of versatile and sustainable fashion… the Versalette! It was the brain child of Kristin and Shannon who launched the Versalette and Revolution Apparel through an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. Like everything in life, good things come to an end and Kristin and Shannon decided to pursue different paths in the sustainable fashion world. We were sad to see the Versalette go, but luckily we didn’t have to wait long for it to reappear! Kristin has helped launch a new sustainable fashion company that uses deadstock fabric to design and make create cool, sexy, and comfy pieces here in the U.S.A..

The revamped Versalette in black – $110 at

Sounds awesome right, that’s because it is. We love the revamped Versalette, which is currently available in black (more colors to come) and can be worn in 30 different ways. Yup, you heard us, 30 ways! If you are looking for a great piece that you could literally wear everyday (and not look the same) we suggest giving the Versalette a try… And if you are feeling really bold why not take part in their Versalette Challenge from July 24 – August 4.

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Wear the Versalette each day and submit a picture of how you rocked it on Instagram (#versalette). A panel of judges will pick a winner, who will receive a package full of fashion and handmade jewelry by Native Clutter.

How do you feel about wearing the same item in new ways?

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Fashion That Matters: Eco-Friendly Handbags by English Retreads

If you are in the market for a new purse this fall or winter consider an eco-friendly and vegan option that supports sustainable small business! English Retreads, a sustainable handbag and accessory company based in Boulder, Colorado has some amazing vegan handbag options made from recycled rubber tires and inner tubes! Founded by Heather English in 2002, English Retreads has made a serious commitment to social and environmental sustainability by not only using recycled materials to handcraft gorgeous bags, but also offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from manufacturing, shipping, and employee commuting. That is pretty awesome!

So far I’ve tried out their large “Model T Tote Luxe”which is big enough to carry a 17″ Macbook Pro, water bottle, coffee mug, makeup bag, wallet, keys, and cell phone! For $118, this bag comes with a lifetime guarantee for replacement/repair and the good feeling of spending your dollars with companies committed to doing social and environmental good. The lining comes in a variety of bright and cheery fabrics made from 100% recycled consumer plastics! I’m eyeing up their smaller “Coupe Luxe” purse and a wallet… I guess Christmas isn’t too far away :-).

The bottom line is we think these purses are rocker-chic, durable, and generally awesome. Oh and at Y&L Style Bar we love socially and environmentally sustainable business women! You can check out the line of purses here. Do you have a favorite eco-friendly or vegan handbag? If so share it with us and the readers :-)!

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