Product Review: Organic Wear Natural Origin Loose Powder

Organic wear™ 100% Natural Origin Loose Powder – $10.50 on Amazon

Hello there lovelies! Last week we shared some top picks for primer, and today we wanted to share a review of one of our favorite and budget friendly loose powders—Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Loose Powder! Yes we know it’s been out for a long time, but it’s always good to bring back the oldies (but goodies). Loose powder is clutch for setting your makeup and keeping oil at bay during the summer. But many powders contain nasty ingredients, so choose wisely. We love this powder for it’s natural ingredients, affordability, coverage, and mattifying look. The translucent light is perfect for fair skin tones, giving your skin a matte look while hiding redness and imperfections. It does a decent job of keeping oil at bay, but depending on your skin’s oil levels you probably will need an afternoon touch up. You get a ton of product for just $10.50 on Amazon, or $13.95 in most stores. This one bottle will last you all year—no joke. The brush leaves something to be desired. It’s pretty coarse, but that is a common complaint amongst most reviewers. The little mirror is more useful for checking your eye makeup or covering a pimple versus applying your foundation. If you want a safe (EWG rating of only 2) and effective loose powder pick this stuff up (use your own brush) and you will not be disappointed! Have you tried this loose powder? What did you think?

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Picking The Perfect Primer

Summer weather and long days call for long lasting makeup. One of the keys to keeping oil and shine at bay and your makeup in place is using a primer underneath your foundation. Today we wanted to share some of our top picks for natural makeup primers.

Earth Angels Minerals Original Butter Cream Skin Balancer – This mineral powder is vegan and gluten free, and helps to correct imperfections, redness, and dark circles. It works great to balance out skin or as a shadow primer. Available on Etsy from Earth Angel Minerals in a 20g sifter jar for $17.99.

Butter Cream Skin Balancer & Eyelid Primer from Earth Angel Minerals – $17.99 on Etsy.

Forget-Me-Not Pure and Natural Mineral Primer – The perfect way to start your makeup routine! This primer by Willow Tree Minerals eliminates shine, reduces pores, and keeps makeup in place all day. Available for $15.95 on Etsy.

Forget-Me-Not – Pure and Natural Mineral Primer by Willow Tree Minerals – $15.95 on Etsy.

Fixit 100% All Natural, Vegan Eye Primer and Mixing Medium – The perfect product for making gel eyeliner with your favorite powder or keeping eye makeup in place! This primer and mixing medium by Addictive Cosmetics is available on Etsy for just $6.99!

Fixit 100% All Natural, Vegan Eye Primer and Mixing Medium by Addictive Cosmetics – $6.99 on Etsy.

Vegan Foundation Primer – We love The All Natural Face, and this primer is no exception. Using natural and safe ingredients it smooths and balances your skin out for the perfect application every time! Available fro $11.99 on Etsy.

Foundation Primer from The All Natural Face – $11.99 on Etsy.

What is your favorite primer?

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Summertime Makeup Part II: Face

Image from EcoTools.

Hello there lovelies! We hope you enjoyed our summertime eye makeup tips last week 🙂 And as promised, we wanted to share some tips for keeping your foundation, blush, bronzer, and concealer in place this summer even in the bright sun and warm temperatures! Similar to eye makeup the biggest issues are melting & creasing of your makeup.

Foundation Tips:

  • Always start with a primer. Just like you prime your eyelids, you need to prime your face if you want to ensure that your makeup stays crease free and in place all day. We are big fans of Korres Face Primer, available for $28 from Sephora. This stuff is free of silicone, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, synthetic dyes & fragrances, and other unpleasant ingredients! It smells amazing and a little bit goes a long way, so even with a heftier price tag, it’s a good investment.
  • Ditch heavy creamy foundations and opt for tinted moisturizers or BB creams instead. Thick liquid foundation is way more likely to melt and crease. So take the opportunity to lighten up your face makeup in the summer. Use your favorite tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. We’ve mentioned it before, but we LOVE Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream available for $48 online or in stores at Pharmaca. With a higher price tag, you can take comfort knowing this BB Cream will last you all year!
  • Set your BB cream or tinted moisturizer with a lightly tinted or translucent loose powder. To reduce shine and keep your makeup in place take a fluffy brush and lightly dust a translucent or lightly tinted mineral powder on your face. We love Everyday Mineral’s Finishing Dust on sale right now for $6.99, normally $12.99.

Concealer Tips:

  • Choose a densely pigmented concealer that is creamy (not liquidy) to hide circles and lines. The sun can melt and shine right through lightly pigmented concealers, revealing dark circles, blemishes, and other things you’d rather hide. Again we love the affordable and natural Erzulie Mineral Erase Cream in Light/Medium Light (just $8.50/pot). Just apply the concealer with your ring finger to hide under eye circles and brush to conceal blemishes!

Blush/Bronzer Tips:

  • Ditch the powder and go with a creamy blush during the warmer months. Sweat and powder blush don’t mix well. We love The All Natural Face’s Vegan Cream Blush in Peachy Rose, available for $4 online. Our favorite splurge cream blush is Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush available for $28 online and in stores at Pharmaca. So apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheek and blend with your finger tips or a brush.
  • Apply in the right places. Bronzer is fantastic during the summer. Who doesn’t want to look like a glowing goddess? Just be sure to keep it classy and natural looking by applying in the right places. Apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you: on your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. If you want a creamy bronzer option, we love The All Natural Face’s Vegan Cream Lip/Cheek Highlighter available for $5.75 online.

What are your favorite meltproof makeup products?

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Moisturizer, Sun Protection & Light Coverage All In One: Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint

If you read our post earlier this week you heard some great advice from one of Y&L’s stylists, Megha Patel: WEAR SUNSCREEN! We know it’s hard to remember to put on sunscreen, or to find a moisturizer with SPF that doesn’t lead to breakouts. So today we wanted to share a review of a product that will reduce the burden on you—Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint Moisturizer.

It is a lightweight foundation that minimizes pores and fine lines while delivering moisture and sun protection (SPF 15) to your skin! As with all other Jane Iredale products it is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harmful chemicals! It is available in 8 shades (2 of which are a peach and lilac brightener). A little bit really goes a long way, so at $36 a tube it is actually a great deal. You can apply with your finger tips or with a blending brush for a soft look. Bottom line is we love this moisturizer/ foundation/ sunscreen. You can find it online, at select salons carrying natural products (like Y&L), or at natural pharmacies (like Pharmaca). If you can find it at a physical location you can usually get a sample to try it out for a few days (that’s what I did at Pharmaca) and make sure it meets your needs.

Have you tried Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint? What did you think?

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Flawless Complexion With One Product: Jane Iredale’s Glow Time


At Y&L Style Bar we are all about beauty and fashion that works for women with a busy lifestyle. So when we find beauty goods that eliminate multiple steps and products—saving you time and money—we get pretty excited. This week we are excited about Jane Iredale’s latest creation for complexion perfection—Glow Time!

It’s a moisturizer, concealer, pore-minimizer, foundation, and sun protector all combined into one little golden tube. Glow Time will cover up blemishes, reduce wrinkles, minimize pores and brighten up your complexion. It is currently available in 7 shades and can be applied with a brush or just your finger. To see a video for applying Glow Time click here. While the tube is only 1.7-ounces, a little bit goes a very long way. So even with a $48 price tag it is a bargain because you won’t need to buy foundation, sunscreen, or even a moisturizer for a long long time (at least a year probably longer).

One of my favorite features of Jane Iredale’s Glow Time is that it is non-comedogenic, meaning it can give thirsty skin plenty of moisture without clogging up pores! I went and got a sample of Glow Time to test it out because my stubborn skin has been breaking out and drying out (eek!). I love it so far because it hides my blemishes and gives my skin some additional moisture without inflaming my acne! I can’t wait to purchase a full tube! So try out Jane Iredale’s Glow Time at a salon (like Y&L) or Pharmaca near you!



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Mineral Makeup We Love


In search of an affordable and effective foundation,  I came across a fantastic brand of mineral makeup: Everyday Minerals. And I must say, I fell in love. This brand is amazing, and I have fallen for more than their mineral facial powders.

First things first, this company gets a gold star for ethics! Everyday Minerals has signed with the Leaping Bunny Organization to commit to no animal testing of their products (thumbs up for them!). Their mineral base is a only rated a 2 on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database—meaning it is safe for your face 🙂 And most importantly it works—it gives your skin a smooth clean finish and even covers up acne! Oh and did I mention it is less than half the price of bareMinerals!!? For only $12 you can feel good stocking your makeup bag with a full sized “base” or foundation powder. They also have great eye colors, blushes, and bronzers available at great prices. I ordered a 10 piece eyeshadow collection (brush included) for only $21! and am in love with the neutral palette and their makeup brushes are a great quality.

Needless to say, I can’t stop talking about this brand… and I will be gifting Everyday Minerals to all the lovely women in my life! The only thing that would make me love this brand more would be if they instituted a recycling or refill program with empty containers, and made their packaging a little more sustainable. More product reviews from this line to come!

So if you are in the market for some new makeup goodies check out Everyday Minerals, the risk is minimal. AND You can order a 5 piece product sampler (foundations, or colors) and pay only for the shipping!


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