Sustainable Fashion We Love:

Hello there lovelies! We hope you had a beautiful week and a fun weekend ahead. A while back we featured one of our favorite pieces of versatile and sustainable fashion… the Versalette! It was the brain child of Kristin and Shannon who launched the Versalette and Revolution Apparel through an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. Like everything in life, good things come to an end and Kristin and Shannon decided to pursue different paths in the sustainable fashion world. We were sad to see the Versalette go, but luckily we didn’t have to wait long for it to reappear! Kristin has helped launch a new sustainable fashion company that uses deadstock fabric to design and make create cool, sexy, and comfy pieces here in the U.S.A..

The revamped Versalette in black – $110 at

Sounds awesome right, that’s because it is. We love the revamped Versalette, which is currently available in black (more colors to come) and can be worn in 30 different ways. Yup, you heard us, 30 ways! If you are looking for a great piece that you could literally wear everyday (and not look the same) we suggest giving the Versalette a try… And if you are feeling really bold why not take part in their Versalette Challenge from July 24 – August 4.

Image from

Wear the Versalette each day and submit a picture of how you rocked it on Instagram (#versalette). A panel of judges will pick a winner, who will receive a package full of fashion and handmade jewelry by Native Clutter.

How do you feel about wearing the same item in new ways?

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Must Have Products For Naturally Smooth & Soft Legs! week we shared our favorite shaving products for the dudes. This week is all about the ladies. The needs are a little different, and we’ve got some great recommendations for healthy, smooth, and soft skin without harmful products!

First things first, the razor. In the past the ladies of Y&L have tested out every drug-store razor ever made. We loved the Schick Intuition with it’s conditioning head, but alas it is both pricey and full of not friendly chemicals. We suggest opting for a razor that is easily recycled, and even made of recycled materials. We like Preserve’s Triple Blade Razor—it is made from 100% recycled materials, and is completely recyclable when you are done with it. The only drawback to this razor is that it doesn’t have much in the way of a conditioning strip, and it definitely doesn’t have bells or whistles.

Once you’ve selected a razor, it’s time to swap out that fake shave gel in a can for some quality shave cream or soap. I know shaving soap doesn’t sound as luxurious as shaving gel or cream, but that’s because you’ve never used a real SHAVING soap. A shaving soap will have ingredients like Kaolin or Bentonite Clay that helps the razor glide smoothly across your legs, preventing unsightly razor burn. Women’s shave soap generally has more moisturizers added. In particular we are coveting the totally organic Women’s Shave Soap from Akava (available here on Etsy), made with primarily fair trade oils and moisturizers. The scent is fresh, and the price is right at $4 a bar. If you feel like splurging the Pomegranate Shave Soap from Smith Family Soap Works would make a nice gift to yourself or a friend :). This soap smells yummy and is $12/jar of soap on Etsy. This soap uses olive oil to give a great lather and prevent razor burn.

After you lather up and shave, it’s time to moisturize! cool and dry winter weather we like to double up our moisturizing efforts. We start first by applying a body oil before toweling off. You can check out our recipe to make your own here, or if you prefer to purchase your moisturizing oil we love the Shea Butter Body Oil from Brown Butter Beauty! It is a little pricey at $15/ 8 fl. oz on Etsy, but you can splurge once in a while. After moisturizing with body oil, lightly towel off excess moisture and apply your favorite lotion. Lately we’ve been using EO’s Coconut & Vanilla & Tangerine Body Lotion (available at Whole Foods or other natural food stores) for a lighter weight moisturizer. If you need serious heavy duty moisture try Everyday Shea Super Hydrating Lotion in Coconut (also available at Whole Foods or other natural food stores!

One of the great things about all these products is that they are free of harmful substances. There is a debate about the use of fragrance and essential oils. If you are pregnant, it is best to avoid using essential oils, but otherwise you are good to go! Oh and did we mention that those handmade soaps and the Preserve razor are great ways to be a conscious consumer—support small businesses and big businesses with green practices!

On days that you don’t shave try using our DIY sugar scrub recipe to keep skin soft and refreshed. But it’s not ideal to scrub right after shaving. This can lead to irritated and broken skin—OUCH! Collecting up these products would make a sweet body care basket for any natural beauty!

What shaving and moisturizing products to you use to keep your legs soft and smooth? Would you consider using a shave bar instead of gel?

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DIY Sugar Scrub

Dry and dull winter skin is no fun. Exfoliating is essential to restoring your skin’s glow. We recommend using a homemade sugar scrub in the shower and follow with a body oil or your favorite lotion. Store the scrub in an airtight glass jar, or you could use a plastic container. If you find you love the recipe, this sugar scrub would also make the perfect gift for your sister, mom, aunt, or friends this holiday season. Just put the scrub in a pretty jar with a handmade label, and tie a little wooden spoon on for easy scooping! There are so many variations you could try with this recipe—using different base oils, mixing different combinations of essential oils, adding vitamin e, and the list goes on. Our recipe is for a sweet smelling scrub—it smells so sweet you’ll want to eat it (but we don’t recommend that)! All you need is a few ingredients, a glass storage jar, and about 5 minutes of your time!


  • 1 cup brown sugar (we like to use organic fair trade brown sugar; you could also use 1/2 cup brown sugar with 1/2 cup white sugar)
  • 1/2 cup almond oil (we prefer the milder scent of almond oil, but you could use olive oil, apricot oil, etc.)
  • 1-2 tbsp honey (again we prefer organic!)
  • 1 tsp vitamin e (optional – some people are sensitive to vitamin e)
  • 6 drops vanilla essential oil
  • 4-5 drops lemon or orange essential oil


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a storage jar (we prefer a glass jar) and store in your shower.
  2. When you are ready to refresh your skin use a clean spoon to scoop out scrub from the jar. Then use your hands or a wash cloth to gently rub in the scrub.
  3. Rinse when you are done and apply a body oil before toweling off. 

Have you made sugar scrub before? What is your favorite scent combination?

Y&L Holiday Gift Guide Part I: The Guy In Your Life

With Thanksgiving behind us, we barely have a moment to breathe until the next round of cool weather holidays. So over the next few weeks we will share some gift-giving ideas for all the people in your life. Let’s start today with the guy in your life. This could be your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, your grandpa, your uncle, or your best friend… you get the picture :). We focus a lot on helping the ladies look good at Y&L, but this gift idea will have the man in your life looking classy—why not give him an old school shaving set. There has been a resurgence lately in using straight blade, barbershop style razors—and even if you don’t opt for the razor you can get him a shaving mug, brush, and bar style soap that he could use with his favorite multi-blade gillette! Depending on whether you are including a razor, there are about 4 things you would consider including in an old school shaving kit for your guy. And for something as quirky as this we love Etsy!

1. The shaving bowl or mug. We like the ceramic option, lidded is a great option but not necessary. We also love when there is a place on the bowl to store the brush—it helps keep the bathroom tidy and prevents mold by allowing his shaving brush to dry out. We love this adorable shaving mug set from Miri Hardy Pottery on Etsy. This set includes soap, and a badger-hair brush as well. 

Blue Mustache Shave Set – $78 from Miri Hardy Pottery on Etsy

But this shaving mug is pretty awesome too!

Mustache Shaving Mug Set – $32 from Vintage Parlor Mens on Etsy

2. The shaving brush. Badger hair is supposed to be the ideal shaving brush, but we prefer something a little less cruel. We think it’s best to opt for a brush made of synthetic materials and leave all the furry creatures alone. However several really great shaving sets on Etsy include badger hair shaving brushes and would make great gifts. If you are looking to splurge on a shaving brush the Bocote Wood Shaving Brush from PC Woodcraft & Pens is a great option. Of course there are a lot of more affordable options you can find online too!

Bocote Wood Nylon Shaving Brush – $54 from PC Woodcraft & Pens on Etsy

3. The shaving soap. Bentonite clay is a great ingredient to look for in shaving soap. It helps prevent razor burn and also helps remove impurities from the skin. We love this manly patchouli soap with both activated charcoal and bentonite clay from the shop Bambu on Etsy!

Patchouli Mens Shave Soap With Activated Charcoal – $7.95 by Bambu on Etsy

4. The after-shave. Whether you go for an astringent or a lotion we’ve got a few great suggestions for gifting to the man in your life this christmas. Wild Man After Shave created by Wild Rose Herbs in Oregon is great if your guy is more rugged (or wishes he was).

Wild Man After Shave (4 oz) – $19.95 from Wild Rose Herbs on Etsy

But Sam’s Natural After Shave Cream is great if your guy is more of a lotion person after his morning shave.

Sam’s Natural After Shave Cream (4 oz) – $11.95 by Sam’s Natural on Etsy

5. The razor. There are a lot of options at a variety of price points for straight edge razors. The Merkur Model 180 straight edge safety razor is affordable, fairly easy to use, and durable.

Merkur Model 180 Straight Edge Razor – $32.90 on Amazon

The Chrome Heavyweight razor from the Art of shaving is a balance of beauty, quality, and price as well. It’s a little more expensive than the Merkur but will definitely be impressive for any shave enthusiasts.

The Heavyweight Safety Razor in Chrome – $60 from The Art of Shaving

What are you thinking of giving the special guy in your life? We’d love to hear your ideas, and to know who we should do a gift guide for next!

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DIY Makeup Remover Round 2!

Photo From Bohemian Kate

So we shared a recipe for DIY cold cream a while back, a product that we love to use for gently removing our eye makeup. Today though we have an alternative to cold cream that will remove eyeliner and mascara—without the borax! It is super affordable and extremely easy. The great thing about this makeup remover is it will not leave your skin greasy or oily, and it won’t sting. You can even dip a clean cotton swab in it and use the swab to touch up stray mascara or eyeliner!


  • 2 tbsp witch hazel – 100% pure witch hazel not the kind that is mixed with alcohol. T.N. Dickinson’s Pure Witch Hazel will do the trick!
  • 2 tbsp oil of your choice – olive oil works well here and is very affordable. Opt for organic when possible.
  • 2 tbsp distilled water – it is crucial that the water is distilled to prevent the makeup remover from spoiling.


  1. Add all the ingredients to the airtight container of your choice. Reusing an old bottle is a great alternative or you could pick up a pretty glass bottle.
  2.  Shake well before using.
  3. Apply the makeup remover on eyes with clean fingers, a reusable makeup removing pad, or moisten cotton ball and swipe over eyes.

This recipe makes about 1/3 cup of makeup remover and will remain fresh for at least 6 months if you use distilled water. To make your makeup remover last longer be sure to never put dirty fingers or cloth into the bottle. Let us know what you think of this recipe, and if you have any suggestions please share!

3 Knit Accessories We Are Craving For Fall & Winter

This Fall and Winter we have our eyes set on a few key accessories to keep us warm and cozy despite the cool air and whipping winds! And yes, they all happen to be from one of our favorite sites for crafty people—Etsy!

Knit Boot Cuffs – We love these adorable cuffs to tuck inside of boots. They add some extra warmth and a whole new level of style.

Knit Boot Cuffs – $25 from Twisted Yarn on Etsy

These cuffs are handmade and sold by Twisted Yarn on Etsy, and run $25/pair. There are so many boot cuff options on Etsy ranging from $15 to $30/pair. And if you have knitting skills you can snatch up a pattern for around $5, and make as many cuffs as your heart, or rather legs, desires!

Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf – We love infinity scarves! They are so versatile, working as a scarf, a shawl, and a hood should the need arise. We love this colorful knit scarf by Pixie Bell sold on Etsy!

Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf – $35 from Pixie Bell on Etsy

What can we say, we really really want a sweet rainbow scarf to keep us warm this winter! Oh and we love supporting independent artists and crafters—so it would be a win-win!

Owl Fingerless Gloves/Wristwarmers – Aren’t these just the cutest things that you ever did see? We love that they are in a neutral color so they are cute without being over-the-top childish. A really fun accessory for fall and winter.

Owl Fingerless Gloves/Wristwarmers – $39 from Cozy Season on Etsy


They are a little pricier, at $39 a pair, but they are so cute—and handmade by Tallinn of Cozy Season on Etsy.

What accessories are you sporting this fall, and coveting for winter?

DIY Lip Scrub: Give Your Pout A Refresh!

Fall and winter bring drier weather and chapped lips. There are plenty of companies selling lip exfoliators and scrubs that work well, but they cost a pretty penny! So instead save your coin for a more important beauty expenditure (like a trip to the salon) and make your own lip scrub. We’ve got a great recipe that you can whip up in minutes for pennies.


  • 1 Tsp Coconut Oil (If you don’t have coconut oil you can use olive or almond oil, but coconut has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it better for storing).
  • 1/4 Tsp Honey
  • 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • Stirrer For Mixing
  • Plastic or Glass Jar For Storage


  1. Warm up the coconut oil in a microwave or on the stove so that it liquifies  and will mix easier.
  2. Pour the coconut oil, honey and brown sugar into a jar or container with a capacity of around 1/4 cup.
  3. Mix to combine the ingredients.
  4. Wet your lips and using a clean finger apply some scrub and gently exfoliate the skin on your lips.
  5. Rinse with warm water and apply your favorite balm.
  6. Store in the jar with a tight lid.

This scrub is super tasty and easy to make, and will have your lips looking fresh in no time flat. Oh and the scrub would make a really cute and simple christmas gift for friends! You can get creative with the packaging and even add an essential oil for fragrance.

Do you currently use a lip scrub? Have you ever tried making your own? If you do try this let us know what you think 🙂

Fashion That Matters: Eco-Friendly Handbags by English Retreads

If you are in the market for a new purse this fall or winter consider an eco-friendly and vegan option that supports sustainable small business! English Retreads, a sustainable handbag and accessory company based in Boulder, Colorado has some amazing vegan handbag options made from recycled rubber tires and inner tubes! Founded by Heather English in 2002, English Retreads has made a serious commitment to social and environmental sustainability by not only using recycled materials to handcraft gorgeous bags, but also offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from manufacturing, shipping, and employee commuting. That is pretty awesome!

So far I’ve tried out their large “Model T Tote Luxe”which is big enough to carry a 17″ Macbook Pro, water bottle, coffee mug, makeup bag, wallet, keys, and cell phone! For $118, this bag comes with a lifetime guarantee for replacement/repair and the good feeling of spending your dollars with companies committed to doing social and environmental good. The lining comes in a variety of bright and cheery fabrics made from 100% recycled consumer plastics! I’m eyeing up their smaller “Coupe Luxe” purse and a wallet… I guess Christmas isn’t too far away :-).

The bottom line is we think these purses are rocker-chic, durable, and generally awesome. Oh and at Y&L Style Bar we love socially and environmentally sustainable business women! You can check out the line of purses here. Do you have a favorite eco-friendly or vegan handbag? If so share it with us and the readers :-)!

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We Are Coveting Neon!

Today I thought we’d share some things off our neon wish list to celebrate the progress we’ve made in getting the Y&L Style Bar open (so far we’ve got neon walls, hair dryers, and lighting installed!)

Our wish list (from left to right, top to bottom):

  1. Neon Twisted Friendship Bracelets only $6.99 from Etsy — because who doesn’t love friendship?
  2. Eons of Neon Bag for $62.99 from Modcloth – great summer bag!
  3. Lace You To The Beach Top for $27.99 from Modcloth — lacy tops are perfect for warmer weather.
  4. Essie Neon Nail Polish – get your feet primped for the beach with this great neon nail color.
  5. Owl Printed Tea Towel for $18.27 on Etsy — this tea towel is just plain adorable.
  6. String Theory Multi-String Infinity Scarf in Ombre Pink for only $35 on Etsy. We love neon and we love ombre—a match made in heaven (well actually Illinois)!
  7. Geometric Stag Head Brooch for $14.31 on Etsy. This brooch is awesome to say the least.
  8. Neon Bright Color Metal Ring for just $10 on Etsy. These rings are adorable and we want one in every color!
  9. Neon Macroons – we aren’t sure where you can buy these, but we sure want some!

What neon goodies are you coveting?

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