3 Ways to Wear Hair Accessories To Work!

Happy Friday you guys! We hope your week was beautiful (and if it wasn’t you can always stop in to Y&L and we can change that for you)! Today we wanted to share some great (but simple) updos and ways to rock hair accessories like scarves in flowers at work! We hope you enjoy 🙂

Flower Hair Accessories – We love this look featured in the Washingtonian. It is so classy and simple. Just toss your hair up into a messy high bun, secure with bobby pins, and add a chic flower just off to the side. Absolutely perfect.

Image from the Washingtonian What I Wear To Work Series.

Bows! – Bows aren’t just for little girls! We love the reverse braid and bun combo! If you need instructions (with pictures) for creating the updo just click here.

Image from Puppy Club

Scarfs: The Summer Edition – We love head scarves, and this link will show you three fabulous ways to wear a scarf this summer. We think all three looks are perfect for a summer BBQ or the office!

Image from The Shine Project.

Which is your favorite accessory to rock at the office?

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3 Knit Accessories We Are Craving For Fall & Winter

This Fall and Winter we have our eyes set on a few key accessories to keep us warm and cozy despite the cool air and whipping winds! And yes, they all happen to be from one of our favorite sites for crafty people—Etsy!

Knit Boot Cuffs – We love these adorable cuffs to tuck inside of boots. They add some extra warmth and a whole new level of style.

Knit Boot Cuffs – $25 from Twisted Yarn on Etsy

These cuffs are handmade and sold by Twisted Yarn on Etsy, and run $25/pair. There are so many boot cuff options on Etsy ranging from $15 to $30/pair. And if you have knitting skills you can snatch up a pattern for around $5, and make as many cuffs as your heart, or rather legs, desires!

Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf – We love infinity scarves! They are so versatile, working as a scarf, a shawl, and a hood should the need arise. We love this colorful knit scarf by Pixie Bell sold on Etsy!

Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf – $35 from Pixie Bell on Etsy

What can we say, we really really want a sweet rainbow scarf to keep us warm this winter! Oh and we love supporting independent artists and crafters—so it would be a win-win!

Owl Fingerless Gloves/Wristwarmers – Aren’t these just the cutest things that you ever did see? We love that they are in a neutral color so they are cute without being over-the-top childish. A really fun accessory for fall and winter.

Owl Fingerless Gloves/Wristwarmers – $39 from Cozy Season on Etsy


They are a little pricier, at $39 a pair, but they are so cute—and handmade by Tallinn of Cozy Season on Etsy.

What accessories are you sporting this fall, and coveting for winter?

Must-Have Scarves For Fall!

With Fall rolling around the corner we at Y&L Style Bar wanted to focus our attention on the upcoming season’s wardrobe workhorse—the scarf. Scarves are a great way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. A few great scarves are all you really need to get you through the season. And we recommend you have at least one in each of these three categories: basic neutral, accent color, and print. So today we have collected a bunch of scarves in each of these categories that we absolutely love!

Basic Neutrals:

Modcloth Rain Supreme Scarf in Grey – $24.99

Urban Outfitters Basic Neutrals Scarf in Black – $18.

Accent Colors:

Etsy Scarf Necklace – $35.

Modcloth Crinkle in Time Scarf in Rust – $15.99.



Anthropologie Foliage Leopard Print Scarf – $58.

Forever21 Tasseled Ikat Scarf – $9.80.

Which is your favorite scarf? We are kind of partial to the bird print loop scarf shown above 🙂