The Versalette Challenge Accepted!

Hello lovelies! Last week we gave a shout out to one of our favorite sustainable fashion brands,! We also shared our favorite piece from their line, the revamped Versalette.

Midi Dress by – $40

In case you don’t remember, or didn’t see last week’s post, the Versalette is basically a wardrobe Swiss army knife—a piece that can be worn in 30 different ways. launched the Versalette Challenge this past Wednesday, where fans rock their Versalette in new ways for a week and share photos via Instagram. Fun right? It gets better though… one lucky winner will be chosen based on creativity/personal style and will snag a bag of pieces (including this adorable Midi dress) and some one of a kind jewelry by Native Clutter. And well one of us (Jackie) at Y&L decided to take the challenge, and we thought it would be fun to share her looks so far!

Versalette Challenge Day 1

For day 1 Jackie rocked the original Versalette in charcoal as a skirt with an owl-print tee from Urban Outfitters, chambray button down from Urban Outfitters, and leopard print wedges from Toms. The head band is fair trade.

Versalette Challenge Day 2

By day 2 of the challenge her new Versalette arrived so Jackie decided to try it out, this time as a tunic top belted with a tribal print belt from Anthropologie. Denim from Levis, sandals from Urban Outfitters, and hat from Nordstroms.

What other way’s should Jackie rock the Versalette for the challenge? Strapless dress? Off shoulder top? Bubble skirt? Once the challenge is complete we will share a complete lookbook!

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Refresh Your Wardrobe Part 2!

Image from

A few weeks ago we shared some amazing places online that you can refresh your wardrobe without breaking your budget (Twice and Nifty Thrifty)! Today we wanted to share our latest online affordable fashion obsession: Poshmark! Like Nifty Thrifty you have to sign up to shop or sell clothes/accessories but the process is pretty painless. It sort of resembles Pinterest… but full of trendy and adorable clothes that are screaming to be in your closet!

You can shop from the main feed, go to a “party,” or shop by category. The prices are reasonable, and many people sell items that are still new with tags (NWT)! Right now we are coveting this gold & hot pink tribal necklace,

$15 NWT Gold & Hot Pink Tribal Statement Necklace – image from Poshmark

and vintage triangle rivet bracelet!

$12 Vintage Triangle Rivet Spiked Bracelet – image from Poshmark

So what’s not to love about affordable, trendy, and more sustainable fashion? We don’t know you tell us!

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Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Busting Your Budget!

Image from the Spring Fling Collection at Nifty Thrifty.

Are you swooning over all the new spring trends? Is your wardrobe screaming for a makeover? Today we’ve got two sites that can help you achieve the look you want without breaking the bank: Twice and Nifty Thrifty. Nifty Thrifty is amazing, they collect unique pieces and curate them based on the best trends. Looking to add a little floral to your wardrobe this spring, just go their floral collection. Need a great maxi, they have a collection for that too.

Twice is great for both buying and selling clothes. Twice only buys clothes in fantastic condition from top brands, and they keep prices affordable, ~$20 for a pair of pants, ~$13 for a top. It’s a great place to shop expensive designers too. The best part about Twice, free returns and exchanges. So you can shop without stressing about fit. An added bonus, buying used clothing is not just easy on your wallet, its kinder to the earth too!

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Sustainable Fashion Part 2

A few weeks ago we did a post about 3 places that we love to shop sustainable fashion online. This week we’ve got 3 more!


Flirt Skirt from Indigenous – $79.

This shop carries fair trade & organic men’s and women’s clothing lines. Indigenous works with local artisans to provide them educational materials, financing, and equipment that couldn’t be afforded otherwise. We are big fans of the “flirt skirt” in a fantastic teal color for $79.  It’s also available in merlot!


You can shop Prana in person and online. You can find anything from adorable yoga clothing to casual wear to wear-to-work pieces. The company uses organic

Nadia dress from Prana – $45

cotton and recycled polyester in their garments whenever possible. They also work with fair trade artisans to create a few great pieces for their men’s and women’s clothing lines. Prana has also made efforts to streamline their manufacturing practices and packaging to reduce waste. Besides their yoga pants, we are coveting the Nadia dress in black, on sale for $45!

American Apparel

Image from American Apparel

While not everything from American Apparel is made from organic fabrics, they do have one big advantage over many other clothing companies: they are sweatshop free and made in the good old U.S.A.! Reducing the environmental impact of transporting clothing can significantly reduce the negative impacts of the fashion industry on the environment and impoverished workers around the world. And hey, SOME of their t-shirts and underwear are available in organic cotton.

Do you try to shop sustainable clothing?

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What To Wear To The Polls!

Today is Election Day, so no matter who you support, we at Y&L Style Bar want to remind you to GET OUT & VOTE! So you are getting ready to go to the polls, but not sure what to wear to sport your patriotism? We’ve got two looks whether to rock at the polls and work no matter your party preference 🙂 Enjoy and let us know if you voted!








Levi’s Demi Curve Skinny Jeans in Cleanest Rinse – $78 @ Levis

Antique Silver Elephant Ring – $10 @ Etsy

Boy Shirt in Classic White – $69.50 @ J. Crew

Camp Director Tote – $54.99 @ ModCloth

Rock Star Spangled Scarf – $19.99 @ ModCloth

Frye Melissa Button Boots in Cognac – $328 @ Zappos

Fine & Sandy Blazer in Burgundy – $59.99 @ ModCloth

Scholarly on Saturday Blazer – $39.99 @ ModCloth

Obama Campaign Earrings – $12 @ Etsy

Have a great Election Day everyone!

Fashion That Matters: Don’t Forget About The Sock Drawer!

Now that Fall is upon us we can finally pull on our favorite skinny’s and tuck them into some adorable riding boots. But another absolutely essential Fall wardrobe item is something that others don’t generally get to see (but we smile because we know they are there): socks! At Y&L we love innovative companies that weave together great social and environmental causes with fashion. So in this edition of fashion that matters, I want to focus on PACT, a great company that is making some awesome socks and changing communities at the same time. After all there’s nothing like putting on a pair of warm socks patterned in a rockin’ design to start your day off right.

PACT describes themselves as “a movement disguised as a clothing company.” They started with socks and have expanded to create clothing lines inspired by people doing good in the world. One of their stipulations though when they choose projects to support is that projects create independence. PACT offers socks, tees, tanks, and underwear for both men and women, so pick up a pair for you and your sweetie and feel good for supporting a worthwhile movement.

The Portland Plaid line of PACT socks is using a portion of it’s sales to help 4 families in Portland transition from living on the streets to their own homes. They are super cute, and PACT has even created a coordinating underwear!

PACT Portland Plaid Knee Sock – $12

I’m also a big fan of the San Francisco Stripe Crew Socks that support the Sustainable Food Center which provides families in low-income communities with access to healthy local food!

PACT San Francisco Strip Crew Socks – $10

So if your sock drawer needs a refresh, give PACT a try. They combine the best quality, designs, and causes to create sustainable footwear! Oh, and right now they have a promotion where you get a $10 credit for just signing up for their email list—AWESOME!

What other wardrobe essentials would you like us to find a sustainable alternative for? Comment us and we will do some research and share with all of you!

Retro/Vintage Style Breakdown

You’re heart flutters when you pass by a thrift store, and rather than wear the season’s latest trend, you prefer to don a piece with some history to it (like a sweet swing skirt)! A person with retro or vintage flair usually has an eclectic wardrobe with pieces from a variety of eras. It takes dedication and some thrifty shopping, but building a solid and functional wardrobe with retro flair can be really fun (and easier on the wallet than keeping up with seasonal trends)! Hair and makeup can really play up a retro look—like soft curls, and cat eye makeup.

Style Icons: 

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Her gorgeous curly bob and bold lips make her a style icon for any vintage fashion lover.

Anne Hathaway – When she’s not busy kicking ass and taking names as Cat Woman, Anne Hathaway is looking retro chic on the red carpet. Love her hair and gown, and rocking green earrings!

Scarlett Johannson – Scarlett not only has the body for retro fashion, but admits to loving the hunt of vintage clothing!

Essential Pieces:

This can really vary depending on your favorite era. But some staples we think work well are…

  • Vintage Dress – A knee-length dress with a full circle skirt or pencil cut would be a great staple piece.
  • High-Waist Shorts – High waisted pieces were normal back in the golden days of fashion (and are now making a triumphant return). Choose a pair of high-waisted shorts in either a classic denim for a casual look, or a tailored trouser cut for a dressier occasion.
  • Peter Pan Collar Blouse – This adorable little collar is a great retro detail for a staple piece in any wardrobe.
  • Mary Jane Pumps – A sweet pair of vintage heels are essential for any girl with retro flair.
  • Vintage Handbag – You can really have fun with this accessory and choose a bag from your favorite era, and usually you can find a well made bag for a great price on Etsy or eBay!
  • Printed Scarf – An adorable silk scarf in a fun print is a great way to add interest and vintage style to any outfit. We love this elephant scarf from ModCloth!

Favorite Places To Shop The Retro/Vintage Look:

  • Thrift Stores  This is kind of a no-brainer. There is no better place to find your vintage look than a thrift store. Sometimes goodwill will even carry higher quality vintage pieces. It’s definitely a hunt, but that is part of the fun.
  • eBay – eBay makes finding exactly what you are looking for a little easier… and you obviously have the advantage of doing your shopping in your pajamas. Just be sure to read the details about the condition of the piece and to check measurements before ordering.
  • Etsy – This online marketplace is another goldmine for vintage fashion. The community has strong rules about what qualifies as vintage, and usually you can find pieces that will fit into any budget.
  • Anthropologie – If you love the vintage look, but the thought of wearing someone else’s clothing weirds you out there are options for new clothes with a retro flair.
  • ModCloth  – Another online retailer that we <3. They carry both vintage pieces and new clothing with a retro flair at an affordable price.
  • Bettie Page Clothing – If you are in the Bay Area you are lucky enough to be able to shop in one of their only 8 physical locations! This store has adorable dresses, and we are kind of in love with their Berry Sweet Frock.

What is your must have vintage or retro inspired piece?

Wardrobe Essential: The Convertible Infinity Dress!

Y&L is here to help guide you in your quest for personal style that doesn’t compromise your sanity or wardrobe simplicity. We are also about great style for all types of women that doesn’t break the bank. So this week we want to talk about the infinity dress… a piece that can add serious mileage to your wardrobe! One easy way to keep your clothing budget under control without getting bored is to add pieces with versatility. A few weeks ago we featured the Versalette, a fashion creation that has managed to be both dress, top, skirt, jacket, and scarf (and we should hopefully be getting one in grey very soon)! This week we are going to focus on finding the perfect infinity dress for your wardrobe. Some fabulous choices you have are fabric type, color, and length of the infinity dress. You could go the LBD route (little black dress), or opt for a more adventurous neutral (navy, plum, dark grey, taupe), or even go bold (bright red, fuchsia, or neon—and you know our thoughts on neon). The infinity dress below is from Modcloth, and will only set you back $39.99. We have shown it in black, but they also carry it in a bright pink. Some important details include to take note of are it’s asymmetrical cut, and semi-sheer jersey material—personally we think something in a heavier material might get more mileage.

Venturing away from larger retailers into the independent world of Etsy gives you even more options for your infinity dress (and you can feel good about supporting independent women in their craft). We love this mid-length convertible dress from Jennifer Fox’s shop The Convertible One! The mid-length version we have shown is only $62 and comes in a plethora of colors (we are leaning towards eggplant, rhubarb, and mauve). If you prefer floor or maxi-length, it’s only another $10 (making the maxi-length a total $72). The hem is not finished or asymmetrical, but one of the benefits of shopping through Etsy is you can usually request to add or remove certain details from shop owners. Oh and did we mention you can get this fabulous dress in a two-tone fabric??? Awesome.

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Tutorial: Make Your Own Personal Style Guide Using Evernote!

I love planning, organizing, and cataloging — and I think most people do (hence the popularity of tools like Pinterest!). This week I’ve got that tutorial that I promised early on in the life of this blog detailing how to create a style guide with Evernote. I created a style guide for my mother to help guide her on her path to finding kick-ass personal style.

It’s been a long time since my mom updated her look, let alone considered giving herself the much deserved attention required to do so. She’s a hardworking single mother of two college-aged daughters. She moved to a new city just a few years ago and hasn’t had time or energy to really explore and meet new people. She’s about to go back to school for a graduate degree, and with all this change whipping up her world — now seemed as good a time as any to change her look and find her style. But she needed help!

Like many busy women (and men for that matter) the stress of figuring out where to begin and what fits and what she likes was overwhelming her. She had the habit of buying clothes simply because they were on sale. Her closet was stuffed, but when I investigated it I could find little to make an outfit from. So this style guide is a starting point for her — a living document of her quest. It begins with doing a color analysis based on her skin tone, hair, and eyes so that she can figure out which colors work best for her (and only buy clothes in that color family).

Then I asked her who her style icons were, and what she liked about each of them. She came up with Audrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton. She loved the classic, simple, and sophisticated looks that both women embraced. With these ideas in mind, and knowing her body type I set off to gather pictures and set rules and guidelines for each major piece of a basic wardrobe: undergarments, tees/camis, tops/blouses, jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, jackets/blazers, shoes, and accessories. To organize the style guide, I created individual notes for each major category, tagged each note with relevant tags, and grouped them under one notebook: Kathy’s Style Guide that you can see here.

The great thing about using Evernote to create a style guide is that the program is compatible on computer or mobile device, and is easily synced between devices. So she can be shopping and access this notebook from her iPhone to make sure she is following the basic rules and sticking to her wardrobe plan! She can also take pictures of her existing pieces and outfits that she loves and catalog them in her notebook — making sure she  avoids buying the same things over and over, and to make dressing for presentations, meetings, or dates stress-free!

To create your own style guide using Evernote simply:

  1. Download the free Evernote App for your computer or mobile device here.
  2. Create a notebook titled “Your Name’s Style Guide” or whatever you like really.
  3. Add a new note, and record the results of your wardrobe color quiz if you don’t know which colors work for you.
  4. Add a new note for each style icon that inspires you, and include pictures or key pieces that define that person’s style. It also would be useful to add any style boards, articles, or photos you have saved that define your style (or what you want your style to be) like the style boards we’ve been posting here on Y&L!
  5. Create a new note for each wardrobe category. I recommend having notes for at least the following: undergarments, tees/camis, blouses/tops, jackets/blazers, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories.
  6. For each wardrobe category find pictures or examples of pieces that are within your color scheme, appropriate for your body type, and fit into your personal style preferences. Consider adding rules to remember about what to avoid or look for when buying certain pieces. You can look at the examples I created for my mom in her style guide for ideas. But be creative and have fun with it!
  7. Consider adding a notebook for each major occasion that you dress for and take pictures of outfits you love to keep track of what works in your wardrobe.
  8. Keep a catalog of each piece in your wardrobe to prevent buying duplicates or similar items, or so you can easily see if that new top you are thinking of buying will work with the skirt in your closet.
  9. Publish your notebook, or at least sync it to a mobile device you will be carrying around with you!
  10. Update and play with it frequently!

What do you think of this tutorial? Let us know if you use Evernote to create a style guide — better yet share your notebook with us! How do you organize your style and fashion ideas?

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